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 Pools of Darkness Monsters  
The weaker of the two beholders in Pools of Darkness, they still only have two instant death attacks. Plus can charm you, slow you, and hit you with fear. Can you say over-powered?
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Black Dragon  
If you've played Curse of the Azure Bonds much, you know how much you love black dragons, after all, you got to face 15ish of them on top of a tower with your level 7 party. Yep, great fun all around.
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Blue Dragon  
A blue dragon is the second strongest "normal" evil dragon in the AD&D games, second only to the reds. However, blue dragons use lightning bolts, so if you're near a wall, their breath attack can hit you twice, causing much more damage than any red dragon could dream of doing.
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Elder Orb  
Elder Orbs are just big beholders. Besides more HP, and all the same eye attacks, they can, get this, cast magic spells. They normally use fireball, giving them a nice ranged, area attack.
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Green Dragon  
Green dragons are the middle of the road dragons. Stronger than white and black dragons, but weaker than reds and blues. Not too big of a threat in the games they're in unless you encounter a lot of them.
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Red Dragon  
Red dragons are the biggest, meanest dragons you'll find. They have the lowest (best) AC values, and highest HP values. And since breath attacks in AD&D 1st edition are based on HP values, that means they do the most damage with their fire attacks. Only the blue dragons can top them, and that's only if the bolt bounces off a wall.
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White Dragon  
White dragons are the weakest of the dragons. With the lowest HP and highest (Worst) AC values, they're not too much of a threat.
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An Ettin is a two-headed giant-kin. They may look tough, but they are generally easy to beat, and have no special attacks.
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