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Screen Capture  
A simple application I made, running it will capture the screen and produce a .bmp program. Not too great of a program, but it has proven to be usfull inside scripts that were giving me errors when I wasn't around. It allows me to see what was happening at a set time on my machine.
250 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
Post Format  Link Coming Soon!

A small app that takes rich-text and converts it into code used by many web forums. This allows me to post my FAQs on other sites with formatting intact.
??? KB N/A 1.0
Hide Vidomi  
This program is for use with the Vidomi video converter program. It resides in the system tray, and hides vidomi from the screen and the task bar. When you click the icon, it shows a small screen with all the stats of the current encode. Double click to show\hide vidomi on screen. This program, in a sense, gives Vidomi a tray-icon ability it never had.
530 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
Hide MPeg Video Wizard  
Almost the same program as Hide Vidomi, it works about the same. Due to some diffrences in this program, there are a few changes to it. For example, running the program does not auto-hide Mpeg Video Wizard. Also, when MVW is closed, my application also closes.
252 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
Better Memo  Link Coming Soon!

A replacment for notepad with a few diffrences then most others. For one, you can open new files in a new pane, having side-by-side editing. You can also load a text file into another file, having the effect of loading up two notepads, and copy and pasting the contents of one into the other. There's also a spell-check build, but I've never been able to get it to install right on other machines.
??? KB N/A 1.0
Mag Feeder  
Even more specalized then the Hide line of programs, this is Mag Feeder. If you don't know what a mag is, then you don't need this application. Mags are things that follow you around in the game Phantasy Star Online. I didn't like the mag feeder timers others made, so I made my own.
503 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
This is my most used application here, at least for me. Since I run my OS as a normal user, I have to jump through some hoops to install programs or do other things that need administrative rights. This program helps with this task in a very simple way: I log on normally to windows, then run the batch file makemeadmin.bat (Google it). This gives me a command prompt with my own user account, but as an Administrator. While in this prompt, I run AdminCLI. This causes a tray icon to show. I can then close the mamemeadmin's command prompt. Now when I need to run something as an admin, I click on the tray icon, and there's a new command prompt, with administrative rights.
211 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
DouTOC - GUI  
This is the GUI version of my DuoTrim program. Development was stopped though, and switched to the CLI only-version. I am not even completely sure if this one CAN trim the ISO files corectly or not. It is only here to show the GUI effects in it. It will not work on 9x based systems (Unless they have GDI+ installed manualy). And even on 2K\XP systems, the GUI doesn't always seem to work. But hell, how often do you see a program with drop shadows?
577 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
This isn't exactly a program you'll see in your workplace. At least, you better not. It's a timer program for RPG based games. You enter in how much gold and EXP you start the timer, and play your game. After a while, you pause the timer, and enter in your current values. It'll tell you how much gold and exp you make per second (Or, how many seconds per gold piece). It's great if you're trying to find the best spot to level up, or best spot to make money. And you can tell I spent a whole 3 minuts writing it too...
197 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
Movie Rename  
AdminCLI may be my most used, but this is a close second. Since I record a lot of tv shows every day, I need something to help rename them. This program does that. Using some scripts, I can format the lists of show names from, and convert them into a list showing what ones I have, and I am missing. This program then losts this list, and by clicking on the list of files in the folder, it'll let me rename the files to match. The newest build has a "best guess" procedure, when you click on a file, it automaticly selects the best match from the have or miss lists. It's not always right, but it still speeds things up a bit. And since it doesn't rename till you hit rename, it causes no harm.
237 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
Did you know that when you're not an administrator, you can't double click the clock and get a calander? Now *THAT* is not fun. So I made one. I never use this anymore, however. I've just been giving my normal account the rights to change time, and that allows you to use the defaut calander.
283 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
Food Log  
I wrote this little application to keep track of what I ate in a day, and how many calories I have, ect. As you can guess, this is one of my least used applications.... moo...
384 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
FullScreen Clock  Link Coming Soon!

This application took less then 5 mins to write. All it does, is displays the time, full screen, on your computer. I used it a lot on my laptop. It's also kinda nice when you have two displays. I output it to my TV when I'm not using it.
??? KB N/A 1.0
Easy Loader  
One of the oldest applications on here. This is a front end I use for program install CDs. It has a huge list of applications, and when you click on it, it shows a screenshot, and text about the program. I have little documention on it, however. And I stopped development long, long ago, so it's kinda buggy at times. I do know it's skinable however.
1.37 MB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
Screen Type  Link Coming Soon!

This should almsot be in the command-line files. It prints out the contents of a text file on screen. The text seems to hover there, above the desktop. You can set a timer, font, and font color too. Nice for a script that needs a fancy touch.
??? KB N/A 1.0
SliderClock  Link Coming Soon!

While customizing my laptop, I decided I didn't like the clock. So I made my own. It has some nice features, and can be customized, so I really should go back and touch it up sometime.
??? KB N/A 1.0
Mouse Clock  
My other clock I made, this one folows the mouse pointer. Since it's just above the pointer, it's never actualy been in my way before. But it does get on my nerves after a bit.
199 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0
Site Edit  
A simple program I used to help generate the pages on this site. It takes two static html files, the top and bottoms of the page, and lets me dynamicly add the info in the middle, such as the splitter bars per section and the papers inbetween.
234 KB Monday, July 2nd, 2007 1.0

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