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Subnetting on Exams - Another look at solving the math  Direct PDF Download
This paper will show you two new ways to solve subnetting math problems. Great for exams where time is an issue.
Network+ Students
CCNA Students
Saturday, June 30th, 2007 Single PDF 1.0
Introduction to Basic Security Concepts  Direct PDF Download
My current work in progress, I have not even looked over this paper for any typos. It started life as a post on a forum, and has quickly grown to 26 pages counting table of contents, meaning it's a very messy paper with no structure. I plan on starting over, re-writing it as I go, with the beginning of each section talking about basic principals everyone should know, and the later parts covering higher level concepts covered by Security+ and CISSP.
Power Users
Network Admins
System Admins
Saturday, June 30th, 2007 Single PDF 1.0
Introduction to Information Security Concepts  Direct PDF Download
If this title looks like the other security paper I did, there's a good reason for it: it's just a rehash of the last paper. The security paper above was a jumble of ideas stuffed together, now that I have them, I'm slowly moving and rewriting the sections to fit into this new paper. Expect it to someday replace the old paper listed here.
Power Users
Network Admins
System Admins
Friday, September 7th, 2007 Single PDF 1.0
Introduction to the Microsoft Windows Registry  Direct PDF Download
This is my paper on the Microsoft Windows registry, one of my older works so it's kind of rough. It contains info about what the registry keys are, how they work, how Active Directory works with the registry, what Registry Tattooing is, and much much more.
Windows Admins
Power Users
Saturday, June 30th, 2007 Single PDF 1.0
Enable NTFS Security on XP Home  Direct MSI Download
As you may know, XP Home ships with the NTFS security disabled, since it can be confusing and can screw up users who do not understand it. This simple msi file gives XP Home uses the power to screw up their systems just as bad as XP Pro.
Power Users
Network Admins
System Admins
Saturday, June 30th, 2007 Single MSI 1.0
 Programs and Downloads  
Legends of the Magi  Coming Soon!
I first started making items and testbads for Legends of the Magi back in May, 2000. This section contains all information and demos of this game, from when I got my first PC up to it's current test beds and demos.
Everyone N/A Many files 1.0
My Games  Coming Soon!
These are all the Windows based games and game demos writen for my site.
This includes Legends of the Magi beta tests, and the Christmas demos.
Everyone N/A 30 .exe files 1.0
My Applications  Now Open!
This page holds all of the non-game Windows applications I've created that use GUI's.
Everyone Monday, July 2nd, 2007 18 .exe files 1.0
My CLI Applications  Now Open!
This section contains all my command line interface (CLI) programs, that are designed to be ran from within cmd.exe or from batch files. It also contains DuoTrim, my program to trim\pad PC-Engine\TG-16 CD isos so that the Table of Contents (ToC) of the CD are correct, and that the game is playable.
Everyone N/A 10 .exe 1.0
My Dos Applications  Now Open!
These are some of the first programs I ever made. Most will still work inside operating systems such as Windows XP, but some of the later demos use VESA graphics and will only work on Windows 9x or in a Dos-like OS. DosBOX will not play any VESA applications. I'm not sure if FreeDOS will play them or not.
Everyone N/A 2 .exes 1.0
My Console Games  Now Open!
These are games and demos I've programed for console-based video game systems. So far the only demos up are for the PC-Engine console, but I hope to get around to making more later on. To play the PC-Engine roms currently listed, please get the demo of Megic Engine from here:
Old-School Gamers
Game Programmers
N/A 6 .pce roms 1.0
Low-Color Lighting Ideas  Coming Soon!
The first "paper" I ever wrote, this is just some notes for making lighting effects on low-colored systems such as the PC-Engine.
Game Programmers N/A .txt file 1.0
Game Menu in Delphi  Coming Soon!
This is a little paper I wrote on making menus for games made in the Delphi programming language. They are object based, and with a little work can be a very robust setup.
Delphi Developers N/A .zip 1.0
Delphi Code Clips  Coming Soon!
This page just contains a few sections of Delphi source code I've made over the years that I wished to keep for later use. Or, as they said in Gauntlet, "Save code for later use." "Yellow Developer needs caffeine badly" "Project is about to die". Or something like that.
Delphi Developers N/A 3+ .txt file 1.0
WinTV Script  Coming Soon!
This paper covers a small script I wrote to get the current free space of my HDD, and if it was too low, change program settings inside the registry so my TV recording application would record to a diffrent drive.

Note: This paper covers using the registry inside of scripts, so you may wish to read the paper on the Microsoft registry first. This paper also uses many scripting commands not covered here, such as for /f and variable modifiers such as %~dp0. More information on these can be found in the “for /?” command inside cmd.exe on a Windows machine, or the incomplete scripting faq on this page.
Windows Admins
Power Users
N/A .txt file 1.0
Sample Scripts  Coming Soon!
This page contains sample shell (Batch) scripts that you can use or edit for different purposes. None of these scripts have any explanation on how they work.
Windows Admins
Network Admins
Power Users
N/A 3 .txt files 1.0
 Game Playing  
SSI's AD&D GoldBox Game FAQ  Coming Soon!
A very large FAQ covering the "SSI GoldBox" games. This includes charts to show you exactly what classes and weapons you should use. Think a Dwarf level 9 Fighter/40 Thief is a lot better than a level 9 Dwarf Figher? Think a long sword is the best weapon in the games? You may be supprised.
Old-School Gamers N/A .txt file 1.0
Pool of Radiance, Ruins of Myth Drannor Character Generation Faq  Coming Soon!
This is a quick and dirty little paper talking about some of the issues when creating characters in PoR:RoMD
PC Gamers N/A 1 .txt 1.0
Pools of Darkness Monster Pics  Now Open!
This page contains a few animated gifs I made of the monsters found within the Pools of Darkness video game.
Oldschool Gamers N/A 8 .gif 1.0
Treasures of the Savage Frontier Maps  Coming Soon!
Most of the SSI GoldBox games had some very nice maps done of the diffrent areas by people making game faqs. TotSF, as this game is known, didn't. So I made some on my own. These can also be found on
Old-School Gamers N/A 3 .png 1.0
Final Fantasy V Mix Spell Guide  Coming Soon!
There's more than a few guides on mixing in FFV, but they all are based on what you mix together, not the end result. And unlike the charts you see everywhere, this one actualy shows you what each result does. You'ed be pretty supprised to see just how strong the !Mix command is.
Old-School Gamers N/A .txt file 1.0
Neutopia Maps  Now Open!
Neutopia was a great Zelda clone for the PC-Engine\TG-16 game console. And trust me, clone is an understatement. This is a map of the overland areas and dungeons. Please note, I did miss some secrets when I made these maps. If I get some free time, I will update them and finish the later maps.
Old-School Gamers Sunday, June 24th, 2007 4 Images 1.0
BS Zelda Maps  Now Open!
BS Zelda was a special Super Nintendo remake of the NES Legend of Zelda. These are maps of the first three levels in the game. Note that these were the first maps I made of any game, and turns out Gamefaqs turned them down because someone else had hand-drawn maps in ms paint, without being able to hold their hand steady by the looks of it. Talk about being rejected. Not that I'm bitter or anything...
Old-School Gamers N/A 3 .png 1.0
Miscellaneous Game Pics  Coming Soon!
After I got into emulation on the computer, I got into the hobby of making screenshots of many of the games. Here are a few of the ones I did back in the day.
Old-School Gamers N/A >> .jpgs 1.0
Problems with the stories on The Register  Coming Soon!
I hate to rant about how bad something is, and hate people who rant themselves. But this time I decided to pick apart a page I found on when I saw just how many mistakes there were on it, and how each of their points were based on flawed reasoning and their own wrong information.
Everyone N/A .txt file 1.0
General Pictures  Coming Soon!
This is a location for any pictures I wish to upload that do not fit into any other location. There's pics of my car, of diffrent games and consoles I own, and even a pic of my dairy from.
Everyone N/A ?? .jpg files 1.0
Desktop Pics  Now Open! Updated 9/7/2007
This section contains screenshots from all my computers, and any themes they my be using at the time.
Everyone N/A 13 .jpg 1.0
Windows Scripting  Coming Soon!
Need to automate a task in Windows? Learn the real power of batch files. Somewhat of an incomplete work, I plan on covering Active Directory usage too. Make scripts that read the registry and can change settings of programs that use the registry, or remotely edit the registry on all pc's on your local subnet. And much more comming soon...
Windows Admins
Power Users
N/A .txt file 1.0
Perl Scripting  Coming Soon!
An incomplete work on Perl scripting, a language that's great for working with text files, and works good for automating many admin tasks.
System Admins
Power Users
N/A .txt file 1.0
 Tips of the Month(s)  
Retired Tips of the Month  Coming Soon!
All the tips of the month so far. Slowly growing over time.
Everyone N/A 0 tips 1.0

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