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 PC-Engine Game Demos  
Firetag v.06  
This is my most complex demo here, complete with sound and the ability to fire. The game itself is still very small and crude, however.
31.6 KB July 16th, 2007 0.06
Firetag v.05  
This is the 5th release I had for the PC-Engine, ignore the first screen, this isn't v.04
31.9 KB July 16th, 2007 0.05
Firetag v.04  
My first PCE demo to have both the title screen and walking demos, this also adds in a background for the sprites to walk on.
29.6 KB July 16th, 2007 0.04
FireTag Walking Demo  
This was my first demo to use animated sprites. Other than walking around, there isn't too much to do in this demo.
29.6 KB July 16th, 2007 0.02
FireTag Title Screen Demo  
This demo was my first, and in some ways the most complex due to the amount of images, and the color cycling used,
52.9 KB July 16th, 2007 0.01
Rom for Engine  
When I was hanging out in #roms on DalNet, there was a fellow op and friend of my named Engine, was was big on emulation. When he passed away, a few of us wanted to make something that would live on that he would have liked, so we worked on a small rom for him. But because of circumstances beyond our control, the rom was never completed.
22.7 KB July 16th, 2007 1.0

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